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Avolites Quartz



The Avolites Quartz Digital Lighting Console is a digital lighting console featuring four DMX XLR connectors, 10 playback faders and a 12.1" angled touch screen. The Quartz comes complete with on-board processing and a vibrant 12.1” screen in a super compact design. This console provides full compatibility with Multi user, and is ideal for use as a back-up or extra programming surface, thereby cutting your programming time. Combine your new Quartz with a Titan Mobile Wing for 30 precision playback faders and 50 programmable executable buttons all packaged up in a travel case.

The main features of the Avolites Quartz Digital Lighting Console include:

4x Physical DMX XLR-5 Connectors
16x DMX Universes - 8192x Channels
Compatible with Titan Net: Up to 64 Universes
Gigabit Network Port for Titan Net, Artnet & Streaming ACN
Built-In MIDI Input
Faders: 10x Precision Playback
Encoders: 3x High Quality Optical
Compatible with Titan Remote
Buttons: 20x Programmable Macro
Supports Multi-Band Sound-to-Light
Display: 12.1" Angled Touch Sreen with Brightness Control
Outputs: DVI-D for External Display; Headphone
Harmonised Button Layout with the Titan Range
Robust Construction
Front Panel Mounted Super Speed USB3 Port
Dimensions: 425 x 466 x 194 mm
Weights: 8 kg

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